Owens Corning Price Increase

NAC has been notified of a 7% price increase, subject to contractual obligations, on Owens Corning product offerings. Please contact your NAC sales representative for a copy of the announcement defining the details of this price increase.

As we enter in to a stronger and more demanding economy, we are starting to see some changes with the reinforcements supply channel, both offshore and domestically. North American Composites is seeing inflationary costs related to both inbound and outbound freight that is resulting in both higher costs and delayed deliveries. 

As North American demand increases, the capacity utilization of Owens Corning’s Tlaxcala, Mexico facility nears its limit resulting in scarcity of supply. NAC is committed to managing these availability issues for the benefit of our customers.  

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact your NAC sales representative.