ES Manufacturing Inc.


Abrasives, Brushes, Buffing Pads, Cutting Tools, Dispensers, Divider Bars, Dry Spray Hoppers, Edge Molding, Gloves, Hoses, Masking Tape, Mixing Tubes, Protective Films, Respirators, Laminating Rollers, Safety Items, Shears, Spa Kits, Squeegees, Wedges




Air Release Additives, Antimony Pentoxide, Cobalt (6% & 12%), DEA, DMA, DMAA Promoters, Gel and Cure Inhibitors, Methyl Merthacrylate, Potassium Octoate, Surfactants, UVA Inhibitors, Wetting Agents





Acrylic, Epoxy, Methacrylate, Specialty, Structural, Urethane



Urethane Paint, Epoxy Primer, High Gloss Polyester Coatings: Clear and Pigmented

Colorants & Pigments

Core Materials

3A Baltek

3A Baltek Corporation

Balsa Core, Laminate Bulkers, Honeycomb Core, Structural High Density Urethane Foam, Structural PVC Foam, Infusion Core Materials

Custom Precut Material Kits



Kits available for a wide range of marine, corrosion, and automotive products.




Adhesive Dispensing, Agitators, Chopper Guns, Distillation Solvent Recovery, Drum Mixing and Handling Equipment, Flow Coaters, Gel Coat Systems, Low HAP Spray Systems, Mixers, Parts Cleaning Machines, Putty Systems, Raw Material Monitors, Spray Guns, Solid Surface Spray Systems, RTM Systems, Vacuum Infusion Equipment

Engineered Mineral Fillers



Antimony Oxide, Alumina Trihyrdrate, Calcium Carbonate, Cast Polymer Fillers, Ceramic and Plastic Microspheres, Fumed Silica, Glass, Granite Effect Fillers, Light Weight Fillers, Talc

Fiberglass Reinforcements


Owens Corning


Chopped Strand Mat, Chopped Strands, Cloth Tapes, Continuous Filament Mat, Filament Winding Roving, Infusion Media Milled Fibers, Pultrusion Roving, Spray-Up Roving, Woven Glass Fabrics, Woven Roving, Biaxial Fabrics 0/90, Double-Bias Fabrics, Triaxial Fabrics, Warp Unidirectional, Weft Unidirectional

Gel Coats

Gel Coats

Spectral Glory Gel Coats


Isophthalic, Iso/NPG, Low HAP, Polyester Enamels, Vinyl Ester Barrier and Tooling, Epoxy Surface Coating, Solid Surface Coating




BPO Peroxides, Ketone Peroxides & MEKP Blends, Perketels, Peroxyesters, Controlled Temperature Peroxides

Mold Releases & Mold Care

specialty Products

Specialty Products Inc.

Internal Mold Releases, Paste Wax, PVA Releases, Semi-Permanent Release Systems

Mold Maintenance Products

Polyurethane Foams




Solvents & Cleaners



Acetone, Acetone Replacement Systems, Styrene, DBE, Propylene Carbonate

Specialty Products



Acetone, Acetone Replacement Systems, Styrene, DBE, Propylene Carbonate

Specialty Reinforcements

Synthetic & Glass Veils



A-Glass Veil and Mat Products, Bleeder Fabric, C-Glass Veil Products, Synethetic Veil Products

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